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Sell Your Policy With The Life Insurance Settlement Guide

Selling a life insurance policy has never been easier, through a Life Insurance Settlement. Let us guide you all the way to prosperity.

    The Life Insurance Settlement Facts

    Eligible Policies

    Every year  $100 billion+ in policies lapse or surrender that may be eligible for a settlement.


    Insurance Carriers

    Insurance carriers count on over 90% of policies being surrendered or lapsed.

    Life's Unknown

    The majority of seniors who have lapsed on their life insurance policies did not know they could sell their life insurance.

    Why Sell Your Life Insurance Policy?

    Peoples needs change, and it might make sense for you to sell your life insurance policy with a life insurance settlement.

    Health Issues

    As health issues arise, medical bills, medications & supplies costs can become burdensome. Selling your life insurance policy is an excellent way to help cover these expenses and in some cases allows for more advanced treatments.

    Needs Have Changed

    Children grow up, mortgages get paid off, and savings grow. Over time your original need for life insurance may have gone away. When there is little need for life insurance anymore, a life insurance settlement could be the best way to cash out.

    Unlock The Funds For Retirement

    Covering long-term care expenses is another common reason to pursue a sale. Also just enjoying a more fulfilling retirement with the funds to travel and do the things you want to do, could also be a reason.

    Premiums Are Unmanageable

    Including the premium payment for life insurance in your monthly budget may become unmanageable. A life insurance settlement not only provides you value for your life insurance policy today, but it also eliminates that monthly premium payment.


    Understanding Your Options

    Two Types Of Insurance Settlements

    Selling your life insurance is a major decision. There are different ways life insurance settlements can be structured, understanding these options is essential. Pursuing a life insurance settlement with a licensed broker who can explain all these options and work on your behalf doesn’t cost you anything and is hassle-free.


    When the insured’s life expectancy is greater than two (2) years.
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    When the insured’s life expectancy is  two (2) years or less
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    “Life Insurance Settlement – YOU Decide”

    Find out how much your life insurance policy is worth by engaging a licensed life insurance settlement professional today. When you work with the Life Insurance Settlement Guide, we connect you with the most appropriate licensed broker for your case. They will manage/gather ALL of the required information, cover ALL expenses, and present your case to every potential life insurance policy buyer. When your broker has completed all of this and provided you offers – there is no obligation to sell your life insurance policy. This FREE process can take 3-8 weeks, let’s get started today.

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