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At Life Insurance Settlement Guide (LIS Guide)  we are here to help guide you. Our team of professionals has experience in selling life insurance policies with both Life Settlements and the less common type, Viatical Settlements. The unfortunate truth is the lack of awareness about life insurance settlement options. Often policy owners lapse or surrender their policies for less than the cash amount those life insurance policies could be sold for.  At (LIS Guide) we believe there has never been a better time to unlock the value of your life insurance.


Our Goal?

Guide policy owners like family.

Providing straight forward solutions.

Increase life insurance settlement awareness.

Maximize the amounts policy sellers receive for their settlement.

Why Work With LIS Guide?


Life Insurance Settlement Guide provides comprehensive information about life insurance settlements and a free no-obligation review for determining your eligibility.


With years of experience, the LIS Guide team understands what slows down the life settlement process. With LIS Guide, each case submitted is a priority & managed through our dynamically integrated platform.


Understanding life settlement as a fantastic tool for qualified life insurance policy owners to obtain value does not qualify a company to receive the highest offer for your life insurance. Knowledge and resources may be the most significant benefit of working with LIS Guide.


Rework is the worst kind of work. With LIS Guide our experience has taught us not just to request information, but to follow-up. To not only follow-up on status but to follow-up on the content being provided.


Access To Buyers

Over the course of many years, the LISG team has worked in the life settlement industry and developed relationships with major buyers & providers. With the support of a licensed broker through LISG, you can count on receiving the maximum amount of the sale your life insurance policy.


One of your concerns while pursuing life settlement should not be cyber-security. Unlike some other organizations, LISG uses technically advanced methods to submit medical & policy information to buyers for review. LISG is also unique because, before an offer is accepted, we pursue to redact all personal information from files being sent out to buyers. This process is uncommon and very time consuming, setting us apart from the rest of the industry.

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